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The best brands of hookah bowls can be found here. A wide catalog of shisha muds manufactured by the best hookah brands, which include Oblako, Hookah John, Alpaca Bowls, Solaris, Glina, Telamon and much more variety. All these brands are among the best-selling in the hookah market, with artisanal elaborations of bowls in different mud, chamotte, clay, white clay, red clay or black clay. Within this wide variety of bowl brands, you will be able to find the one that best suits your preferences by choosing between models of Oblako bowls perfect for heat managers such as Kaloud Lotus or the popular Alpaca Bowls bowls with their wide variety of models that adapt to heat managers and aluminum foil. Buy online a high-performance bowl and different consumption options to get a long-lasting session with your hookah.

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